Spirited viera viking on Balmung (Crystal, NA). Headstrong and daring, brash but well-meaning, and someone who lives life to the fullest.

Full NameEirja Silfjallr (AIR-ya sil-FYALL-er)
RaceViera, Veena
Nameday6th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon
ReligionHvitr Bal, The White Flame
LanguagesCommon, The Ald Tongue
ArtsSmithing, Mining, Scrimshaw
WeaponryHalberd, Bow, Hunting Knife
AlignmentChaotic Good
PersonalityThe Adventurer, ISFP-A
Relationship StatusSingle
LikesStrength, honesty, drinking, fairy tales, buffalo sirloin, lingonberries, mandragoras
DislikesCowardice, sarcasm, magitek, airships, mushrooms, chocolate, dhalmels

A lone woman knocks back a few swigs of ale and smacks her lips, letting out a hiss of satisfaction. Her complexion is pale ashen grey with a small white marking along the bridge of her nose. A pair of leporine ears flutter over the raven tresses cascading down her sturdy shoulders. Glancing to the stranger at her door, she breaks into a warm smile and gestures to approach. "Well met! I'm Eirja," she announces with a noticeable accent.

It's clear enough Eirja is viera, but she laughs and skirts around questions that delve much deeper than that. "From the Skatay Mountains," she finally relents with a shrug. "We hunted, feasted and drank. What more is there to say?"

She picks up the well-polished lance resting against the wall and raises it with a victorious grin. "And I still hunt, feast and drink now. Little has changed, as far as I'm concerned."

What made her decide to leave her homeland? "Hhoh, you know, I wanted to see and experience new things." Violet eyes darken briefly and she chews on her lower lip.

"Look, do you have many more questions? Because I have a wolf's hunger right now and it'd not be wise to stand between me and my meal. Just saying!" She pushes the nearby door open with her elbow and quirks a brow. It's time to leave.

  • Adventurous Spirit: Eirja is an adventurer and could be found practically anywhere in Eorzea on pretense of work.

  • Monster Hunter: She knows how to track and hunt dangerous creatures - the bigger, the better. More recently, she's also gained experience fighting voidsent.

  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry: If you enjoy good food and good drink, she'll be more than happy to join you in a tavern, or anywhere else.

  • Forge Keeper: If you've need of a weapon crafted, she's a moderately skilled blacksmith. Her work tends to favour function more than form but it's built to last.

  • Mountain Daughter: She's also experienced with mining, and can be found out and about searching for gems and ore for smithing from time to time.


Art credits: @minorunru, @mopi, @hithren, @kich-rp, @locke-rinannis, @aeradescence, @chop-stuff, @falanyr, @rizukana


I consider myself a heavy roleplayer with a flexible style that can easily adapt to the circumstances. I am lore compliant, although I don't mind a little bending or head canon to fill in the blanks. I'm 18+ and will engage with mature themes but please discuss with me beforehand if you want to introduce them in our roleplay.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of roleplay in which I'm interested.

  • Adventure

  • Combat

  • Friendship

  • Slice of Life

  • Tavern

My timezone is GMT and I'm usually active in the evening hours.

If you want to get in touch, you can send a tell in game or contact me on Tumblr @flamesworn.